Website Designer Bangi

There are 5 types of websites that are suitable for all entrepreneurs, either you are just starting out or you are planning to redesign your website.

Dear Business Owner

We know you are tired of doing business.

Struggling when there are no sales at the end of the month.

Unable to sleep at night thinking about responsibilities.

But there is no turning back, we are not going back for 9 to 5 job. You are the owner of your own company.

We on the same page

I was just like you a few months back and what I realized is that we need to do an online presence for our business either we sell products or services.

You need leads if you offer services and you need automation if you sell products.

The very first step

Every success requires a first step, and the first step to an online presence is launching a website.

Your website must look good to show your credibility and gain the trust of your customers.

It is very easy for us to build a website but it may be quite difficult for you or maybe you have no idea what to do.

Finding perfect partner

Don't waste time creating your own website or force your graphic designer to build the website. That's not his job.

You only slow down your business growth and it will cost you even more.

Mindset is everything

Big companies just focus on developing their business and we are doing the dirty work for them to launch their website.

Zal Hazmie



Landing Page



  • Focus on 1 product

  • Automatic closing process

  • Customer can pay directly

  • Can collect database

  • Lead generation

  • Suitable for service provider

  • Suitable for product owner

  • Suitable for running ads




  • Suitable for service provider

  • Suitable for professional

  • Suitable for organization

  • Attract more quality customers

  • Lead generation

  • Crafted for expensive products/services

  • Attract talent to fill the vacancy




  • Suitable for more than 10 products

  • High-end server

  • Agent & dropship system

  • Customer pay on the spot

  • Suitable for expanding business mode

  • Website looks like mobile application

  • Attract talent to fill the vacancy


Case Study

Client's Feedback

"Membantu kami menaikkan sales"

Adam Jalal

"Lepas dapat order boleh terus print airway bill"

Maheran Hassan

"Traffic & engagement website meningkat.
Terbaik ! "

Roslan, Pemilik Spygadgets

"Sales 22k dalam masa 5 hari"

Jiham Calligraphy

"Website dah upgrade & cantik"

Dhir & Partners

What will you get:

Appear on Google

Get ready buy client from Google

Database Management

Attract the right people


Website open 24 hours unlike physical shop

Sales Automation

You don't have to whatsapp customer anymore

Stock Management

Build in stock management software

Manage Agent

Agent can check stock & price directly from website

Gain Credibility

Earn trust from potential customers

Win Tender

Every pitch need a website to support your promise

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Usually it takes 4-8 weeks depends on how fast we received the website content (copywriting & images)

Monthly fees is optional.

No hidden charges. Only transparent upfront pricing and services.

There always 3 types : 

  • Content write-up
  • Images
  • Video (optional)

We will provide full list upon your registration


Project manager and developer will be assigned to your website project and we will communicate using Whatsapp Group.

We guarantee you a
30 DAYS delivery